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Vintage nursery with Kili Cot (Part 1)

Posted on September 02, 2015
Archive : September 2015
Category : Nursery Interior Design

Part 1.

Vintage nursery with Kili Cot

Create a stunning nursery using a grey Kili Cot with retro lighting, furniture and accessories to give a warm and cosy vintage feel.

One of the greatest joys of being an interior designer is coming up with endless ways to design and decorate rooms. I just love it! And with new products arriving all the time, it gets more and more exciting.


In this room, the design is centred around the lovely grey Kili Cot Bed, by Sebra. As one of my favourite cot designs, it mixes sumptuous curves with linear rails and just looks so right in any setting. And you really cannot go wrong with grey. It is both classic and contemporary and mixes with so many glorious colours and textures so well. Here’s how to create a retro vintage style that exudes a warm, cosy vibe, perfect for a little nursery.

Create the look

A deep earthy grey paint emulates the colour of the cot which sits on our Tribal rug. Soft and fluffy, it adds a gorgeous, textural monochromatic quality to a room. It will be incredibly soft underfoot and for your baby to crawl upon. Statement lighting in the form of the sculptural Spun floor lamp will cast a wonderful glow in the room while it’s spindle style stand and curved shade pick up on the shape of the cot. Our lovely Star Circus Light with vintage aged patina will add stage style pizzazz to your wall. I have mixed it with the Lying Fawn lamp which has the same warm colour tones as the star light, and can be left on all night as a stylish night light. Star cushions echo the vintage light and the Tam Tam stool in gold just adds a lavish touch of golden bling! And let’s not forget our beloved Eames House Bird... he appears in most of our designs!

For little grown ups

The Kili Cot has built in versatility and converts from a cot into a fabulous Junior bed. So when your precious bundle is starting to outgrow his delightful first little bed, with a few simple changes, he can transition easily into a super cool first big bed.

This vintage look will grow with your child and last for years. The fabulous lights and furnishings can also be handed on to an additional new family members, looking as sleek and stylish as they did the first time round.


grey Kili Cot Bed   Spun floor lamp   Alphabet Circus Light, star

Panton Junior Chair, white   Tribal rug   Lying Fawn lamp

Star Cushions   Tam Tam Stool, gold   Eames House Bird

1. Kili Cot/Junior Bed, grey, £699.00 / 2. Spun floor lamp, £1,145.00 / 3. Alphabet Circus Light, star, £299.00
4. Panton Junior Chair, white, £139.00 / 5. Tribal rug, £300.00 / 6. Lying Fawn lamp, £95.00 / 7. Star Cushion, grey, £45.00
8. Little Star Cushion, pink, £27.00 / 9. Tam Tam Stool, gold, £56.00 / 10. Eames House Bird, £126.00

All items available from www.funkylittledarlings.co.uk