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Tent bed and graffiti wallpaper for cool boy’s bedroom

Posted on November 09, 2015
Archive : November 2015
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Tent bed and graffiti wallpaper for cool boy’s bedroom

Our design for this super cool bedroom.

The transition from nursery years to young pre-teenager sees many changes. Children may yearn to be grown up and have a fabulous room reflective of their new age, but still want to hang on to treasured teddies and nursery books. And however you decorate the room, it needs to last for a good number of years before you reach the paint brush and start all over again. Getting the balance right can be tricky but it is essential.

Here’s a project we recently completed for a young boy who wanted something cool and grown up and a little but different.


Before you even start thinking about paint colours and furniture choices in a room, think ‘functionality and practicality’! You’ll need to get this part right so that when you do get creative with a paint brush and soft furnishings, it is all going to work perfectly. Where is the best place for the bed, are the sockets in the right place and let’s not forget storage, storage, storage. You can never have enough of it.

Boys tend to need more space to play in than girls, so it is important to free up as much floor space in a room as possible. Consider using multi-functional furniture, truckles that store away neatly under the bed for impromptu sleepovers and plenty of wardrobe space to keep games and toys neatly out of the way when not in use as well as store clothes.

Being an creative, outdoorsy boy, we felt this little adventurer would love an arty room with a statement wallcovering and themed bed. We planned in recessed wardrobes, a desk and chair for homework, truckle bed for sleepovers, multi-functional lighting and an en-suite bathroom. Above all, we wanted his bedroom to be more than just a place to sleep... it also had to be a place for him to relax and chill independently and be a great space to have fun entertaining friends in.

The Design

As big fans of Banksy, we went to town customising his Rat Rap stencil, personalising it with graffiti slogans, daubs of colourful aerosol spray paint and printing it as a wallpaper mural. We knew he would love a super cool Tent Bed in dark grey which comes with a pull down canvas tent flap - it’s great for little explorer sleepovers too as the bed comes complete with a pull-out trundle bed. We chose this fabulous light cube to double up as a bedside table to pop a book and glass of water on at night time and provide light for reading. Fat Boy pouffes and cushions provide extra soft seating and a black and white cow hide rug sits at an angle in the centre of the room, pointing towards the mural. We designed a desk with little cubby holes painted in acid yellow to store away his treasures and a super cool Eames DSW chair to perch on. A desk light and arrow wall light illuminate the area. Neat Roman blinds in a contemporary monochromatic pattern, pick up on the tones in the mural, rug and bed and do not clutter the window and floor with folds of billowing fabric. And finally, we created a huge recessed wardrobe with large mirror clad sliding doors along one wall which holds masses of clothing and toy paraphernalia. The mirrors doors not only visually increased the size of the room but also allows him to check out his reflection... something I am sure he will do more and more as he gets older!


Rat Rap mural wallcovering   Tent Bed in Basalte Grey   Arrow Circus Light

White Eames DSW chair by Vitra   Grey Star Cushion   Distressed Star Cushion

1. Rat Rap mural wallcovering, £60.00/m² / 2. Tent Bed, Basalte Grey, £1,045.00 / 3. Arrow Circus Light, £299.00
4. Vitra Eames DSW chair, white, £334.00 / 5. Star Cushion, grey, £49.00 / 6. Star Cushion, distressed, £49.00

All items available from www.funkylittledarlings.co.uk