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Nursery Interiors - Paint it Black

Posted on November 16, 2015
Archive : November 2015
Category : Children's Interior Design

Paint it Black

Why black walls make for the coolest kids rooms.

Deep, dark shades work fabulously in grown up rooms, so why not in kids rooms too? It’s not the obvious choice for a child’s room, but decorating with black need not induce a panic attack and bring you out in a sweat... it’s how you do it. From the nursery to a teen bedroom, here are our tips on how to make this colour rock your child’s world!

Perfect for nurseries

White is the obvious contrast to black and they look wonderful together. But, using only these two shades will make a room feel very stark, so you will need to introduce complimentary tones to enhance the strong, monochromatic look. Wood adds a natural accent and imparts warmth. Look how delightful this Leander Swinging Cradle looks against the dark wall. The pile of logs and bare wooden flooring adds detail and accentuates the scheme.

Where wood offers a soft, natural accent, colour enhances the power of deep shades. I am a big fan of using bright colours with black, particularly pinks and neons. They inject fizz and vitality bringing a room to life. This petal pink cot by Oeuf sits on a tribal rug woven with hot pinks and oranges. The black within the rug links back  to the wall but also anchors the cot in the room.

Beautiful in bedrooms

Painting a single wall entirely in chalkboard paint adds focal drama for this bare wooden framed bed but also permits a child to draw on the wall. It’s a great idea, inexpensive and gives a child real freedom to customise their room with ever changing artworks of their own.

Dark paint works brilliantly with all styles of furniture too. This wooden Mid Century desk and white chair look wonderful against the deep paint work, extolling the tips on using warm wood with white to enhance the palette. Our Moon Landings clock evokes night time skies and staring into space.

Feature wall

If you can’t commit to painting an entire wall black, how creating a decorative pattern or adding wall stickers to lighten the look? This lovely zig zag pattern gives a twist to a playroom wall, enhancing the shape of the play tent and the graphic cushions within. Again, bare wooden floors and white accents lighten the look and pops of bright pink and colour give pizzazz.

Wall stickers will inject focal drama to a room. Easy to put up, you can even involve your little one to help with the sticking. This dark background gives the impression of a magical night time meadow to wall stickers printed with blonde wood tones and graphic white patterns. Monochromatic modern furniture adds punch to this room scheme.

And how about adding vibrant yellow to a dark wall?  Without the graphic swirl of yellow, the room would lack any real drama... note how the yellow swoosh dips behind the table football game and travels on to reappear just above the bed. It links and accentuates the furniture, tells a story and looks fabulous.

Using black is not so scarey after all, is it? It works in the nursery and in teen rooms (and in parent’s rooms too...) so why wait. Grab a paint brush and get daubing!

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