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How high are your little creatures...?

Posted on March 23, 2015
Archive : March 2015
Category : Kids Wall Stickers

How high are your little creatures...?

Charting your child's growth development couldn't be easier with our gorgeous, easily personalised Wood Print Woodland Height Chart. Beautifully printed with a real wooden texture, our height chart, complete with gorgeous woodland animals and insects, a sweet little bird house and kissing hares, will delightfully track your child's growth. Mark heights and dates on the tree trunk using the chinagraph pencil we include and stand back and watch them go.

Our hip height chart wall sticker contains a tree trunk 150cm tall with individual leaves, woodland animals and buzzing insects. Adding the squirrel eating an acorn on top takes it to 1.78cm. Use the chinagraph pencil to add your children's names, heights and dates on the centimetre markings running up the trunk and track the gradual, almost imperceptible growth of your child.

The Woodland Height Chart wall stickers are all separated out so you can create your own design or follow our assembly instructions to get the look shown on these photos. And used on a soft grey or white painted walls, the wooden texture will add Scandi glam to your room.

And if you fancy a splash of pop colour on your child's wall, how about our coloured Woodland Friends Height Chart? The same stunning design but printed in acid yellows, punchy pinks, vibrant oranges and beautiful blues!

Our range of giant wall stickers are the perfect way to create a modern and contemporary feature wall... in an instant! Simply peel and stick!