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Clock change - time to spring forward

Posted on March 17, 2015
Archive : March 2015
Category : Clocks for Kids

“Clock change” - time to spring forward

March is here and with the ‘big clock change’ at the end of the month, our thoughts are consumed with time…

Is it time that you got a new clock? We have a stylish range of clocks for your children and for you, that can turn something useful into a real design talking point in any room. 

If it’s a splash of colour you need for you child's bedroom or playroom choose from our range of ‘Little Ben’ teach-the-time clocks. Standing at 1.44m tall and 210mm wide, Little Ben is available in some fun ‘pop art’ colours guaranteed to jazz up a room and help you teach the time to your child.

Or, how about our marvellous 'Moon Landings' clock? With just "one small step..." our clock fits easily on the wall and reveals all of the Apollo mission moon landings in pin sharp lunar detail.


For something altogether larger, how about the King of Time – London’s Big Ben. Also available through our 'grown up' webshop www.collissandquinton.com it looks moody and glamorous enough for any room. For pub quiz purposes, it’s officially called The Elizabeth Tower and it will certainly keep your day on track? Standing at 2 metres tall and 30cm wide, ‘Big Ben’ is a vinyl wall graphic with a powder coated, metal clock face.




For a real ‘Brit’ feel there’s a union jack design, or to keep things more grown up there’s our brand new ‘Staffordshire Blue’ option - beautiful china blue with white. For a more classic feel, there’s stylish black or sleek Deluxe white and gold to choose from.  At just £120 for our ‘Big Ben’ and £80 for our ‘Little Ben’ – they are a great way to add some pizazz without the kerching! All are available through our www.funkylittledarlings site but just see how fantastic the clocks all look re-styled and photographed on our brand new www.collissandquinton.com site.  Mums and dads will want to get their 'hands' on them!

Happy Spring Time everyone!