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Woodland Friends WallScene

Posted on January 22, 2015
Archive : January 2015
Category : Kids Wallpapers

Woodland Friends WallScene

It's all change for our daughter and her bedroom. We are starting to re-design her bedroom having promised her a new room for ages. She sees all the interior design we do for our clients and now feels she is a big girl and can request her own style.

She wants to go industrial with an historical theme (she's going to be an archaeologist and Phil Harding from Time Team is her hero... mine too, actually!). So, we are going for lots of dark grey (yay - v happy about this), natural wood, metal bed and anglepoise lamps. Oh, and a nod to Monty Python. Again, very happy to incorporate this, being as they are also heroes of mine too!

So, sadly this is just about the last time we will see our Woodland Friends Wallscene on her wall... she has the citrus one and it is just glorious. Especially when the sun pours in from the window - a golden light radiates around the room. It's been on her wall for about 5 years now and really does look as pristine as the day it went up. She will be keeping the Eames chair as it's one of our favourite design classics.

We'll keep you posted on the design as it progresses!