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Decorating With Orange

Posted on July 04, 2015
Archive : July 2015
Category : Children's Interior Design

Decorating with ORANGE

We show you how to use this upbeat colour as a room accent or a full wall assault!

Colour has the power to stimulate, inspire, excite, heal, calm and can even in some situations, incite aggression. We live with colour and we react to it. Children can be particularly sensitive to some colours, so how do you work with a strong colour, and get it right?

Orange, according to colour psychologists is associated with warmth, reassurance and nurturing. I find it a really positive, uplifting colour, one that can pack a punch and add a dazzling design statement. And it's a unisex colour. The perfect choice then for a child's room? Well, yes, if used correctly.

Be bold

Often seen as a 1970's throwback (especially if used with brown!) but used in a fresh, contemporary way, it is positively wonderful! Consider painting one entire wall and everything on it in a vibrant shade of orange, as seen in this hallway. Storage boxes, wall hooks and the radiator are in the same shade (what an eyesore the radiator would have looked if left white!). Offset by fresh, light bouncing white, this room’s contemporary vibe wouldn’t look out of place in an Art Museum. This fabulous sleeping pod can be completely enclosed by pulling the orange painted doors shut. With white painted walls, the doors form a dramatic backdrop to the rest of the room. Children also love this secret style of bedroom.

Light and airy

Keeping with orange and white, how fresh and contemporary does this room set look? Have fun by introducing accents of orange in a headboard or colourful door handles. An orange light will infuse a room with a warm glow and the orange Panton chair adds a designer stamp.

Be theatrical

Orange looks fantastic when used with grey, particularly deep greys. The vintage metal letter glows it’s gorgeous orange tones against a deep grey wall. The white lightens the room and the accent of turquoise adds freshness. Or how about painting orange and white stripes on your ceiling! A bold look but I like it. The deep grey walls tone down the theatricality while the white window frame boost light into the room.

Pops of colour

If you don’t want to go all out orange, adding a smattering of colour to a room will give an instant energy boost. You can add as much or as little as you feel comfortable with. Cushions and rugs are an easy addition and will add warmth and texture. Contrasting with blue (orange's complimentary colour) the colour will add a vibrant note. I love it teamed with a rich, deep navy, but turquoise and soft blue work well too. These dazzling orange vintage lockers would look great in a bedroom or family room and provide plenty of storage for shoes and clothes. And soft grey and cream looks enriched with a touch of the orange stuff.

Industrial living

For a fresh industrial bedroom, mixing a little orange with raw materials such as concrete, metal and natural woods works wonderfully. The orange warms and harmonises the combination. These rooms have a characterful youthful appeal and show how versatile orange can be.

70’s vibe!

And if a 70’s throwback is your thing, how about these rooms. Love the mid century styling, Kartell Fly pendant and Componibili side unit. Cool eh?

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