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Baroque 'n' Roll

Posted on August 06, 2015
Archive : August 2015
Category : Children's Interior Design

Baroque ‘n’ Roll

How to create a dynamic, eclectic bedroom embracing
a range of design styles and make it rock!

I get very excited at the start of a new design project. It’s a fresh start, a clean slate. The opportunity to make sweeping changes, to wow my clients and to create a jaw dropping, boundary pushing design to totally transform a room.

Our latest commission is to re-design the bedroom for a delightful 11 year old girl on the cusp of teenage hood. Her room hasn’t been decorated for about five years and the current design is now felt to be too junior. She wants a cool ‘grown up’ room, a bit of rock ‘n’ roll, a place that she can hang out and chill with her friends in and feel proud of for the next five or more years.

Mood board

So, to get the process started, we conjured up this fab mood board to give a flavour of what is to come! And the design has been met with a unanimous seal of approval, right down to the cactus (faux, naturally). So, out with the old and in with the new.

Design elements

The starting point is our St.Cross wallpaper, a Gothic black metal work design (we all know black rules for teenagers) which will sit behind a French metal daybed, painted dayglo pink. This funky pink will vibrate against the black wallpaper and look dazzling. The rest of the walls will be painted in my new favourite shade, softest blush pink. Pale grey painted floorboards will be dressed with a cool black and white rug, giving a central focus to the room and to provide softness under foot. A lovely Jeeves bowler hat pendant light will provide the overhead lighting. Sebastian Wrongs delightful white Spun floor lamp and Kartell’s Bourgie table lamp provide statement lighting with a vintage, rusted carnival light to sit above the bed. On the wall, our Marvellous Marietta wall clock in the shape of a white Ormolu will add an amusing and glamorous touch. We will be re-using our client’s vintage industrial desk in teak and black metal but replacing the chair with a fabulous white Verner Panton model. A gold Tam Tam stool will add some bling and echo the golden lining in the Jeeves pendant and a choice of our Baroque, Gothic and a fab flamingo cushions will exotically dress the bed. The finishing touch? A large faux cactus! I am obsessed with cacti, both real and faux... they are sculptural and dramatic and add a really cool vibe. They can light up a room and I love to use them in my interiors.

This room is quite radical for an 11 year old with a real mix of style and colour, but then this 11 year old is quite a character. And we want to push the boat out, to think differently, to deliver the unexpected and create a room completely out of the ordinary... after all, that’s why designers are commissioned. I can’t wait to see it implemented.

Tune in at the end of summer to see the transformation.

1. St.Cross wallpaper, £175.00 / 2. Jeeves pendant, £197.00 / 3. Cushions, range, £70.00 / 4. Marietta wall clock, £75.00
5. Spun floor lamp, £1040.00 / 6. Metal letter light, £299.00 / 7. Gold Tam Tam, £56.00 / 8. Vintage Rug, £150.00
9. Vitra Panton Chair, (adult size) £214.00