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Virtual Design

」495.00 per room

How does Virtual Design work?

It couldn稚 be easier. We値l send you our Design Questionnaire and ask you some questions about your room, how you and your child would love it to look, any practical considerations and your budget. We値l guide you through taking a few photos of the room, the walls and any furniture you would like to keep and how to do some simple wall and floor measurements.

Once we have your Design Questionnaire emailed back, we値l call to commence the project and go through the details, discuss initial thoughts and ideas and establish that we thoroughly understand your brief.

Now, the magic begins!

1. We値l design your bespoke Room Plan including wall elevations, tailoring it perfectly to fit the ideals and needs you have for your dream room. We show you where to place every item so you know exactly what to do, step by step. We値l deliver a stunning design guaranteed to delight and inspire you and your child.

2. Our Mood Board will include all the design details needed to bring the room plan to life. We include the paint selection, wallpapers, floor coverings, fabrics, furniture, lighting, soft furnishings and all accessories.

3. We also include actual paint samples and fabric swatches so you can see how they look in your room.

4. Our Shopping List sets out every individual item recommended to complete the scheme, with detailed descriptions, dimensions, prices and direct links to purchase online... saving you valuable time to spend relaxing and getting on with life rather than trudging around busy stores.

5. Once you致e had time to go through all of the design files that we have provided, we will call you to ensure that you have all you need to get started and create your own designer room!

All designs will be delivered within three to four weeks and conveniently dropped into your in-box. Easy!

Contact us if you have any questions, or purchase your Virtual Interior Design Service now and we値l get started straight away.

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